You were created for the glory of God.

“Messiah” Die-Cut Sticker
“Messiah” Die-Cut Sticker

“Messiah” Die-Cut Sticker

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As I think about the reality of the Savior, Messiah Jesus/Yeshua, a few things come to mind.

First, I often think of Christ as the conquering lion of Judah. The one who defeated Death by rising from the grave. And to whom would be the obedience of the nations as He ruled them in righteousness.

Secondly, as the atoning lamb. Think Passover, where we were all under judgment but the Angel of death “passed over” the people of God who obeyed the command to put blood on the doorpost of their homes. That blood, a shadow of a more precious blood, would be spilt by Messiah Jesus, the lamb of God to give us deliverance from judgment and reconcile us to our Creator.

Thirdly, the one who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and Fire. It is in the Messiah, that we receive new life. That life that transforms us to live as we were meant to; a life empowered to live radically different than the course of this world and to know the one true God in true fellowship.

I’ve painted the Lion, which represents the lion of Judah using a variety of colors representing his glory and might.

The lamb with its red sash to point to His blood that he shed to bring new life and forgiveness of sin as he looks ahead with confidence to the joy and glory that awaits for his obedience to the Father.

And the Spirit of God represented in the dove descending with flaming wings coming to baptize and fill and empower all who trust in Messiah.


Place this on your laptop, favorite tumbler, car, back of your phone, or anywhere to give it an extra boost of awesomeness!

Size: Approx. 2” 1/8 x 2” 7/8  
These are water resistant. 
Glossy UV Coating

Matte Finish
Die Cut