You were created for the glory of God.

About Us


Welcome to our Deo Gloria Art website/store.

The name Deo Gloria (pronounced dei.oh glaw·ree·uh) is Latin for "God glorifying" or "God's glory". So when we say Deo Gloria Art, we mean "God gloryfing art" or "Art for the glory of God"

That is the motive that drives the name Deo Gloria Art, where my wife and I love to create art that serves to build and encourage a passion for Messiah Jesus in the hearts of people like you and I, people created in the image of God.

Deo Gloria Art began simply with creating drawings and digital illustrations on Instagram out of a love for God and the good news of Messiah Jesus.

As time progressed I realized that there was a desire to exalt Messiah and a hope that along the way, God's people would find encouragement through the art.

We believe that in our day and age, a time where images take precedence in our social media world, we have been given a task. That task is to create art in image form that points to something deeper. That deeper thing, is the reality of knowing that we ourselves have been made in the image of God. We carry the image of God in us, and this means that we were made by and for our creator, to reflect him in the world to our family, friends and neighbors. And so with that same idea, the artwork stems from a love for God, with the purpose that it would also inspire in people a love for God and his Son Jesus the Messiah (Christ).

So Deo Gloria Art exists to inspire and encourage believers in their faith by using visual digital illustrations. These illustrations often come to fruition from various day to day life experiences with the Lord, whether it be through times of prayer, listening to a certain song, sharing time with other believers to simply meditating on the scriptures (the Bible).

In order to create the best digital-paintings/illustrations possible, it takes a tremendous commitment of time (4-8 hours per illustration, sometimes more if it's a detailed illustration), all which are usually squeezed around my full time job and family schedule.

We hope to continue to create content that would glorify God, and would bless many people who come into contact with the art. And if He wills it, perhaps have this as my full time occupation to help provide for my family as well as help maintain the equipment used to create the art. Any support you could give us to help maintain the work we do here is indeed a help from above.

We’ve opened this shop with the desire to share this work with the church worldwide, and your support will help us to do this in a way that lets you have tangible artwork - in various merchandise options - to display or share with those you love and help remind them of the spiritual realities found in the artwork displayed.

Take a look at the different merchandise here to see what you'd like to give a home to, we hope that the art will encourage you and serve to point you to your Creator with sweet and deep affection.

Thank you so much for the warm support that allows Deo Gloria Art to be what it is now and Lord willing what it may become.

Dario & Madelyn

Deo Gloria Art "Creating art for the glory of God."