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Where is the store based?

  • Los Angeles, CA

Can I print Deo Gloria Art artwork and use them for my personal use or blogs?

  • Deo Gloria Art is free to view on social media. I encourage you to use any of the posted images for personal use including, but not limited to; blogs, podcasts, bible studies, etc. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER OR SELL THE IMAGES (they are copyrighted) and if you share it, please ALWAYS tag Deo Gloria Art from whichever social media platform you use or the link to, if you haven't done so already.

Can I purchase prints of the art?

  • Yes, you may purchase physical prints for posters and wall art in the Deo Gloria Art shop.

How can I support Deo Gloria Art?

  • Share the art! Follow Deo Gloria Art on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel and share!
  • Become a Patron! You can sign up on the Deo Gloria Art Patreon page and get exclusive content.
  • You can also head to our shop to find some awesome DGA swag!

Is there an Illustrated book available?

  • I do have plans to compile Deo Gloria Art illustrations into a book.  I just need to continue building the content.

Will you translate your work into a different language?

  • The majority of my time is spent on creating Deo Gloria Art in English.  However, you can find some illustrations in Spanish in our social media accounts. We do have plans to create content translated into other languages in the future.
  • People have offered to translate, so we may create translation groups.

Will you draw something for me?

  • You can contact me at if you'd like to commission me. We can then discuss details.

Will you draw my idea for a Deo Gloria Art Illustration?

  • You may send in whatever suggestions you may have, but I cannot promise that it will become a reality.