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Devoted - Poster
Devoted - Poster

Devoted - Poster

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The purpose with this illustration is to communicate how as a family, my wife and I, on our knees, declare devotion to our mighty Lion of Judah. Our great God Almighty.

He knows what lies ahead before it occurs, He knows the future and we do well in bending our knees to Him. We know there are many uncertainties ahead but we also know that nothing is uncertain to Him who is the designer and builder of our futures.

The painting is mainly done with a teal hue; a color associated with calmness and renewal ideas. It can also be associated with open communication and clarity of thought, as well as truth and faith. On the lion I added a slight blue on His mane simply to communicate a bit of mystery.

With these things in mind, I've drawn the lion of Judah with a calm presence with the blue signifying that though we can rest in our God, we are still in for a journey, one in where our God will still work in mysterious ways unknown to us, but we are safe in His presence nonetheless.

The male and female persons were drawn with knees bent to show trust and faith and worship as we draw near to the new year leaning in for clarity and rejuvenation as we start afresh in this new season the Lord brings us into.

I pray that it may inspire devotion to our God. A renewed and rejuvenated devotion for His Word and Will as we draw to the close of this year and into a new one.

Add a wonderful accent to your room or office with these posters that are sure to brighten any environment.

Printed on Fine Art Natural White Matte Surface Inkjet Paper,
14 mil.