You were created for the glory of God.

"He Will Never Stop Fighting For You"
"He Will Never Stop Fighting For You"

"He Will Never Stop Fighting For You"

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He will never stop fighting for you.

When you’ve given all you’ve got.

The sweat, the tears.

Fighting the doubts,

Feeling like it’s all falling apart.

You give yourself away only to be trampled on,

Yet you fight but find yourself still losing,

You’re ready to throw in the towel.

But you’re not alone,

You have the greatest ally.

The greatest defender.

The greatest warrior, fighting for you.

Simply because he loves you.

His love is relentless, faithful, enduring, steadfast.

For you!

When the enemy thinks he has you,

and has calculated His attack,

and has raised weapons against you...

He. Will. Not. Prosper.

Friend, Christ is your defender. Your Lion, your warrior, and he fights for you.

When you’re down he will uplift you.

When you’re broken he will build you up.

He is for you, even for the least of these, even for his little flock, even for the one that left the ninety nine.

He fights for you!

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