You were created for the glory of God.

Our Deliverance - Poster
Our Deliverance - Poster

Our Deliverance - Poster

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I pray that it encourages you to see the Lord as our deliverer in any trials you may find yourself in as well as our great deliverer from our greatest threat and danger; sin, death and the enemy of our souls.

Some thoughts on the art:
I drew the lion intervening between the lamb and the serpent who had launched an assault against the lamb.
But in the process I drew the lamb falling on its back to show that it was actually in danger and how dire the situation was, that it got caught in the rumble.

But by grace, the lamb is spared as the lion of Judah stomps on the serpent as it awaits the death blow from the lions paw.

This is also the reality of our state in Christ, when Christ dealt a death blow on the enemy through His death and resurrection rendering death, sin, as the satan powerless.

I pray this inspires awe for Yahweh’s awesome salvation and hope to continue trusting in Messiah as we are continually saved in seasons of trial where we see the gracious hand of God preserve and deliver us for His glory.

If you wish to share it go ahead, I hope that this illustration blesses you and anyone who sees it!


Printed on Fine Art Natural White Matte Surface Inkjet Paper,
14 mil.
Watermark will not be included in poster.